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Hey, I am Ritwik. I am a UX/UI designer helping businesses around the world to solve problems using design + thinking. View my work, or just say hi!
View my work, or say hi!

About me

I am a 26 years old professional from Bangalore, India. In my 4.5 years of Work ex, I have transitioned from working at a Tech-consulting MNC  to becoming an independent UX consultant and a Web Developer. Along with product designing , I also work at Curefit as a Strength and conditioning coach.

Through my career landscape, I have aspired to build user-centric products. In the process, I love to sprinkle bits of my creativity. Have a look at a brief timeline as well as my work below.

Worked at Accenture for a US based insurance client 'Ace insurance'. Handled the biggest data warehouse in Accenture Bangalore's portfolio.
Made a transition from Analytics to Web designing and front-end development.  Also started my journey of transforming hundreds of people through functional fitness.
Kicked off my freelancing career and helped clients around the globe in getting their digital footprint online.
Deep dived into Digital Product Designing as a part of 10K Designers Cohort 2. Currently mentoring the incoming batch of designers.
Currently working full-time as a UX/UI Designer at 'Grappus'. Worked on a bunch of products across industries such as Healthcare, Fintech, HR Tech and Social media.


Learn about my 5-step Website creation process.
Learn about my next venture in the Digital field.


I use Figma and Protopie for my designs, prototypes and to collaborate;

Webflow to execute and build all the interfaces and websites that I design;

Also, with hands on experience on HTML5 , CSS and JavaScript , I custom-code the webflow sites into interactive web applications.

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